Practice Management & Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Electronic Health Record and Practice Management

Appointment Scheduling

Physician Appintment Calander
The HRXS appointment calendar is feature-rich and powerful in assisting you run and manage your practice. Appointments can be created either from the portal or patient can login and create appointment or user can create appointment in the application. With features such as practitioner availability schedules, HRXS makes it a breeze to book your next appointment without needing to scroll day by day or week by week.
  • Appointments Scheduling with Patient Info
  • Doctor available and site schedules
  • Message/Notification, SMS and email appointment reminders
  • Follow up scheduling
  • Calendar available appointment search
  • Rescheduling Appointments
  • Appointment types- Clinic Visit, Home Visit, Tele-medicine, Tele-psychiatry etc
  • Patient waiting status - Reported, Started, Finished
  • Patient waiting list
  • Day / Week / Month views
  • Appointment Reports - Day wise, Monthly , General etc.

Patient Health Records

Patient Health Records
HRXS has full CRM like capabilities to track all of your patients' details. Prescriptions, Medical Conditions, Allergies, Insurances, Vitals, Encounters, Documents are just a few of the many features available. Documents can be uploaded to patients' file, to ensure you can get rid of those filing cabinets and have a true paperless office.
  • Full demographics
  • Clinical encounter notes
  • Medical history
  • Family / Insurer / Treating Doctor information
  • Vitals
  • Patient reminders
  • Lab requests
  • Appointment, encounter history
  • Patient audit history
  • Patient document management
  • Injury / illness tracking and reporting

Patient Billing and RCM

Patient Billing
Cash flow is the life of any business, and HRXS ensures you're covered. HRXS has Billing and Payment Receiving system available, where you can generate invoices and receipts for patients in seconds.
  • Invoicing
  • Patient payment Receipts
  • Patient payment Due Reports
  • Generate PDF and save
  • Day wise and monthly invoice reports
  • Day wise and monthly Payment receipt reports
  • Day wise and monthly category based reports
  • Account Statements
  • Email as PDF
  • Custom invoice templates


sales-graph Report
HRXS has a vast array of reports available, so you can know everything that's going on in your practice. Financial, Patient, Appointments etc. reporting gives you a 360 degree view of your practice..
  • Appointment Calendar - requested, reported, finished, un-billed
  • Patient demographic, Health Record etc.
  • User auditing and tracking, doctor/user activity history
  • Automated and manual sent SMS tracking
  • Day wise and monthly appointment report
  • Day wise and monthly invoice report
  • Day wise and monthly payment receipt report
  • Day wise and monthly category wise revenue report
  • Graph based reports
  • Exports to pdf and excel

Practice Management

Practice Management
Managing your practice is painless with HRXS. With a host of multiple features available, internal communication allows staff to communicate easily and efficiently with each other. Permissions can be set per practitioner to what features they have access to, and patients can be shared individually to multiple practitioners.
  • Internal instant messaging
  • Expense tracking
  • Practice records
  • Unlimited sites and locations/clinics practicing
  • Tiered staff access levels
  • Practitioner patient sharing