Electronic Medical Administration Record (e-MAR/EMAR/iMAR)


UHN eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record) is designed to provide real-time access to nurses for administering medications. Nurses can use the application on a laptop/tablet device that also provides hardware integration features such as barcode scanning and QR Code scanning. The system can be used both online as well as offline with a base internet connectivity for synchronization on cloud either through a WiFi connectivity or a LAN connectivity.

LTC/ facilities using a perfect eMAR system have documented a 33% reduction in medication administration errors, as well as a reduction of 45% in documentation time.

UHN' intuit dashboard and interfaces for nurses helps them to administer the patients Ensuring the 5 Rights of Medication Administration:

  • Right Resident
    The patient to whom the medication is to be administered matches the medication to be administered.
  • Right Medication
    The medication to be administered matches the medication ordered for the patient.
  • Right Dose
    The dose of the medication to be administered matches the dose of the medication ordered for the patient.
  • Right Route
    The route of medication delivery matches the route specified in the medication order.
  • Right Time
    The time that the medication was ordered to be administered compared to the current time.

Right Documentation. Electronically record the time and date in accordance with the standard and user identification when a medication is administered .The date and time recorded utilize a system clock that has been synchronized and user identification is based on the secured user credentials allotted to the user.

e-MAR Overview

UHN Electronic MAR System will help you to accomplish the following:

  • Guide critical med pass functions.
  • Prevent medication errors.
  • Update electronic MARs and ensure high quality of care.

UHN e-MAR manages meds from a typical med-cart equipped with a bar-code/QR code scanner and a laptop/tablet.

To ensure accuracy, UHN e-MAR will do the following:

  • Identify each resident by a photo on the dashboard as well as medication administration(Medpass) screen.
  • Warn you if:
    • You select the wrong med.
    • You about to give a med at the wrong time.
    • The resident is allergic to the med.
    • The med will interact adversely with other meds.
  • Display:
    • Current medications
    • Pending medications
    • Meds about to be Missed/ supended
    • Missed meds
    • PRN/ Routine(scheduled) meds
    • Treatments and Anciliary (Literal Orders)
    • Initiated / Non-reported Meds
    • Follw ups
    • Vitals/Pain check

UHN eMAR interfaces to the pharmacy for easy re-ordering. When you receive the meds, check them into the system using the bar code scanner.

UHN eMAR interfaces to the Hi-Tech Clinical Records System to provide medication information for Quality Assurance reporting.

Key Benefits

Improves Patient Safety

  • Barcode Medication Administration Provides Five Rights Checking
  • Document Observations
  • Clinical Screening
Easy to Use
  • Look and Feel of Printed MAR
  • Touch Screen Capable
  • Flexible Access Options
  • User Defined Rules
  • Alerts
Improves Work Flow Management
  • Integrated Status Board
  • Preparation Phase with Ingredient Checking
  • Shift Workload Management
  • Charge on Administration
  • Management Reports
  • Omission and Near Miss Notifications and Reporting

Key Features

  • Resident Demography
    • Resident General Information
    • Resident Preferences
    • Resident Documents
    • Contacts
    • Vaccination Detail
    • Medical Condition
    • Allergies
    • Quick Alerts
    • Insurances
  • Resident Medications
    • PRN / Scheduled
    • Medication
    • Treatment
    • Ancillary
    • Order Status: Received Orders,Awaiting Delivery Orders,Partially Received Orders
    • Active Rx, Inactive Rxs
    • Rx On Hold, Discontinued Rxs, Cut Date Finished Rxs
    • Simple, Complex schedules
    • Unit Dosage (Single Dosage)
    • Fill
    • Refill Orders
    • Replacement Orders
  • Medication Administration (Medpass)
    • Administer medication
    • Administer Online/ Offline
    • Suspend medication
    • Administration History
    • Barcode Scan/manual button press initiation/prep med
    • Medpass Comments
    • Medpass Report options: Successful, Spit Out, Dropped, Refused, Other, Cancel etc
    • Single unit replacement order option
    • Drug images on medpass screen
    • Administer scheduled/ PRN medication, treatments, anciliary
    • Vitals/ Pain check , Follow ups
  • Internal Communication System

Pharmacy Affiliates

UHN has interface solution for LTC Pharmacies. UHN's cutting-edge eMAR solution builds on UHN platform to facilitate seamless communication between pharmacies and facilities.

The Following are key features of UHN Pharmacy module

  • RX Management
  • RX Workflow Management
  • Revenue Cycles
  • Electronic Adjudication
  • Enhance facility communications and eliminate common distribution errors
  • Integration with major pharmacy software systems like Framework LTC etc